20 Things to Blog About

Blogging has so abounding advantages for business owners that it’s a benevolence so few of them do it. One of the affidavit is that some humans anticipate every blog column has to be a long, able article. But that doesn’t accept to be the case.

Blogging is really, absolutely important now, not alone because humans will appointment your blog directly, but because your blog can be anchored calmly into added places, such as on-line communities, Facebook pages, and even iPhone apps. So if you’re not blogging yet, I achievement this commodity convinces you that it’s simple to do.

Here are 20 things to blog about.

Report on accepted diplomacy and news: One of the easiest and a lot of accessible options: Simply hotlink to an on-line account story, and add a branch or two of your annotation to it.

Summarise the latest research: Take some all-embracing analysis from your breadth of expertise, and summarise it in a anatomy that’s accordant and allusive to your market.

Share belief from your life: Speakers are consistently award means to plan in anecdotes from their activity into their presentations. There’s no acumen you can’t do the aforementioned affair with your blog.

Rant!: Express an opinion! You don’t accept to be abrupt and obnoxious, but your blog is the abode area your personality comes through. So be direct, aboveboard and don’t sit on the fence.

Analysis a book you’ve read: If you’ve apprehend a acceptable book recently, address a abrupt book analysis on your blog. Again, your purpose is to advice your blog readers, so they can adjudge whether or not to apprehend the book themselves.

Advance a artefact or service: If you consistently broadcast high-value content, your blog readers will not apperception the casual promotional blog post. In fact, they about apprehend it. If you can tie in the promotional being to some agreeable (for example, a high-content blog column that ends with a hotlink to the product), so abundant the better.

Advertise something new: Use your blog to accomplish announcements – whether they are new products, new services, new agents abutting your team, success belief from a client, and so on.

Accredit to added experts in the field: Everything you address doesn’t accept to be aboriginal content. In fact, it’s absolutely accepted for bloggers to accredit to added Web website – and in particular, to added bloggers. It’s a abundant way to accommodate amount to your readers, and aswell encourages added Web sites to hotlink aback to you.

Copy added people’s material: In some cases, you can even use added people’s actual directly, after accepting to hotlink to it. Of course, this alone applies if you accept absolute permission to do so!

Contour a applicant or customer: Use your blog to address a profile, case abstraction or success adventure about a applicant or customer. You could even ask them to answer, say, three questions, and column this as an account on your blog.

Share a absolute testimonial: When audience say nice things about you, get their permission to use that as a testimonial, and afresh column it to your blog. Again, as continued as you don’t do this all the time, your blog readers will not apperception this casual self-promotion.

Almanac an audio clip: Some humans acquisition it easier to almanac audio than to write. I don’t – I acquisition it abundant easier to address than to record. But I apperceive some humans who anticipate annihilation of affairs out a articulation recorder, iPod or iPhone and recording a abrupt audio clip, which they can afresh broadcast to their blog. It doesn’t accept to be CD quality, either – as continued as it’s not cutting or difficult to understand.

Almanac a video clip: The next footfall is video, and afresh I apperceive some humans who acquisition it a breeze to almanac a video blow of themselves, with a short, aciculate bulletin they can afresh broadcast to their blog.

Insert a YouTube video: You don’t even accept to almanac the video blow yourself. YouTube, Vimeo, Viddler and added video-sharing sites accomplish it simple for you to bury their video clips into your blog.

Recommend a Web site: Acquisition a Web website you like, that your readers ability acquisition advantageous as well? Address a abrupt analysis of it on your blog, forth with a hotlink to the site.

Acknowledgment a frequently asked question: I bet your e-mail program’s “Sent Mail” binder has some gems of advice you’ve aggregate with somebody, in acknowledgment to a catechism they asked you. Why absolute this to just one person? Abounding of these answers you address could calmly administer to lots of people, with a bit of alteration to adumbrate arcane data and put it in context. This is abundant antecedent actual for blog posts.

Jot down a blooming idea: Blog posts don’t accept to be long, structured online writing – as you would do for a newsletter, annual or even an commodity on your Web site. It’s OK to just jot down a few notes, as continued as they accomplish sense.

Broadcast your podcast posts: You ability accept a podcast that humans subscribe to, so they accept your episodes automatically. To ability even added people, broadcast anniversary adventure on your blog as well, so that non-subscribers (to the podcast) can blunder beyond it.

Share a PowerPoint presentation: Create a bulletin as a PowerPoint presentation, and afresh use SlideShare.net to broadcast it to the Internet. You can afresh bury this into a blog post, just as you would do with a YouTube video.

Advertise a advancing event: Use your blog to advertise your advancing events. You apparently advance them everywhere abroad as able-bodied – such as your Web site, your e-mail newsletter, your Twitter feed, etc. – so why not column them on your blog as well.

Website Vs Blog

A abecedarian online generally gets abashed at the acknowledgment of a website and a blog. What is the difference? Which should I go for or alpha with? What are the advantages of a website and that of a blog? Answers to all these questions are what is provided in this article.

What is a Website?

A website is a accumulating of interlinked webpages on a area with the accepted HTML, php, etc..

What is a Blog?

A blog is aswell a website but uses a Agreeable Management System (CMS) like WordPress.

Benefits, Advantages/Differences of a Blog over a Website

A website is a lot of generally actual official with a beeline advanced to business approach. A blog on the added duke is like a annual but online. A blogger writes consistently on a accurate alcove and readers are accustomed to add their thoughts on anniversary accountable commodity he writes. Here humans can allege affable and beneath official. It builds able relationship.

A website and a blog accept their place. It shouldn’t be a amount of which is bigger but which is added acceptable for your acumen online. It is what you intend to accomplish that should actuate which to alpha with. Both can plan duke in hand.

Below are some advantages/differences of a blog compared to a website.

Blogs are bargain to create

For the acumen that all fingers are not equal, the aboriginal advantage of a blog compared to a website is that it is bargain to create. With $20 (max.) you could accept a hosted WordPress blog while it is a altered amount absolutely with a website. And if you can not acquiesce $20 for a area and hosting annual you could of advance alpha with a chargeless hosting annual admitting it is not the best, but you could alpha with it and not absorb a dime. You can get a acceptable chargeless hosting annual from blogger, endemic by Google. Application blogger you could even accept your blog angry to Google AdSense account. That way you get your hosting annual for chargeless and aswell accomplish money. Cool right? I anticipation so too except that it is not the way to go for austere blogging (professional).

Blogs are bargain to maintain

Since creating a blog doesn’t in all cases crave you accepting a skill, around anyone can alpha and run a blog, but for a website you charge an HTML and website designing skills.

The artlessness of creating a blog has resulted in the added than 130 actor blogs accessible online today and the amount increases everyday, as bags of humans who never could accept afforded a website are now clearing for blogs and in some cases authoritative acceptable money from it.

Blogs are simple to update

To accomplish a column on a blog all you do is log in to the dashboard of your blog, address your agreeable and bang on broadcast and in account your column will be arresting to anybody online who visits your blog to read. In the case of a changeless website, to upload an commodity you aboriginal accept to accessible your editor, FrontPage, Dreamweaver e.t.c. address your article, amend page properties, afore you could upload the page application FTP software. Depending on the techniques you applied, it could yield months afore your website is indexed by Google.

Blogs acquiesce a accounting text, audio and video. And you can accept it online in a amount of account this is not absolutely the case with a website. You will accept to absorb some money every time you wish to accomplish an amend to your website if you do not accept the accomplishment to administer a changeless website.

Blogs organizes itself

Blogs automatically organizes its agreeable by date and category. And with a blog congenital search, readers and seek engine spiders can calmly run a seek on your blog and acquisition what they are searching for. For a changeless website you accept to alone adapt its pages.

Blogs could be Ping

Blogs could be ‘pinged’ so Google is alerted whenever you column beginning agreeable and appointment your blog to basis it. Admitting this is aswell accessible in changeless website but you will absorb added time than is all-important to should it be a blog on Seek Engine Optimization (SEO), to accept the website actualization up in seek results.

Search Engines Adulation Blogs

Search Engines adulation blogs because of it approved beginning agreeable back that is what readers seek for online and seek engines would not accomplish millions if readers do not get beginning approved capacity to read. And so blogs tend to get indexed calmly and in time than a changeless website.

Search engines aswell advance blogs college up in seek displays than changeless website just for it beginning content. Changeless website admitting could accommodate some online writing but they are mainly advised to advance articles and services.And ability not be adapted for months. And a lot of website designers are mostly anxious about the actualization of their website rather than the agreeable in them and maximizing Seek Engine Optimization to get traffic.

Blogs acquiesce readers to advisedly accurate themselves through Animadversion Feed

The Animadversion Feed in blogs creates a appointment for humans to accurate themselves in an breezy way and collaborate with others appropriately architecture able accord and assurance amid you and your readers. And that is the aspect of blogging because already they assurance you, you become absolute to them as a able in your field. So after in approaching if you advance or action them any accordant artefact (s) for sale, you will accept ample numbers arrogant you. Which at the end of the day is the acumen why we blog or at atomic why a lot of of us blog – Advertise and accomplish money. A changeless website does not acquiesce this, if and if it does, discussions are usually actual formal.

But to get readers to comment, you accept to consistently accommodate what they could animadversion on which is admired content.

Blogging requires time back you will accept to amend your blog consistently with accordant content.

Website or a Blog, which should I go for now?

Like I said afore it all depends on what you are aggravating to achieve. That is why I accept categorical the features, advantages/benefits of a blog so that you can acquaint which meets your goal.

If you are a complete abecedarian online it is bigger you alpha with a blog. Use that as your acquirements curve. Presently there is annihilation that you wish to do that can’t be accomplished with a blog.

How to Build an Income Blogging

The blogosphere is a almost new breadth of the web area anyone and now appealing abundant anybody has started a blog. With the recession of our all-around abridgement the online business apple has apparent a bang like never before, but like years accomplished there are alone a atom of humans about the apple who accept abundant ability to accretion aboriginal page on Google and added above seek engines. There are aswell actual few who in fact alpha a acknowledged blog with a readership of over 50,000. I accept acicular to two separate, but actual important aspects of authoritative an online business successful. If you become able-bodied abreast in either one of these two aspects of online business again online affluence will be at your aperture step. This commodity will explain the differences amid these two and some basal guidelines on how to achieve both accepting to the top of Google and architecture a readership which is ample abundant to acquire you an online income.

First let’s altercate accepting to the aboriginal page of Google. The acumen I am abrogation out added above seek engines such as Yahoo and Bing is Google carries about 60% of the all-around seek amount abrogation the added abate seek engines angry over the added 40%. So if you are able to accretion the aboriginal page on Google again you will appealing abundant accept best visibility. If you would like to accretion aboriginal page the aboriginal aspect of internet business you accept to apprentice is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) both of which are techniques which a getting tweaks and builds a website/blog to ability the top of seek engines. Absolutely there are two apparatus of a business attack which will get you to the top and those two are fresh, unique, keyword dense, user and seek bot affable content. Blogging absolutely has the bend in this accommodation back the point of blogging is to column regularly. The additional basic of SEO is Off-Site and consists of creating accomplished links which accept keywords which are anchored into the argument of hyperlinks and the backlinks are one way, on accordant and top ascendancy websites. That is how you ability the top of Google. If you charge added advice seek Google or EzineArticles for added information.

The additional way to accomplish a lot of money online is architecture a readership to a amount which others will either pay you for account or advertisement space. If you wish to access readership again afterlight your agreeable every day is a accept to and authoritative abiding the agreeable which you abode on your web attendance rather than getting keyword close is able-bodied researched and able-bodied written. Gaining top readership absolutely consists of authoritative abiding if a company comes to your blog they not alone acquisition absolutely what they need, but they accept enjoyed your agreeable abundant to absorb time traveling through added posts account and commenting. This agency you accept to accept anniversary column represent the best of your abilities. If you wish to abound readership rather than access SERPs position the online amusing medias are your best business resource. Stick with sites such as Twitter, digg, Facebook, blunder upon, and others if aggravating to get noticed. Once you accept accomplished either one of the aspects declared actuality you will see a acceptable access of cartage again the alone affair you charge to do is add AdSense to your blog or some added monetization address and your blog will activate earning you an income.

Wedding Rings And The New Marriage | religion love

Bear with me while I brainstorm on some thoughts that accept filtered into my alertness recently. They antecedent from some altered fields of abstraction but somehow accomplish faculty to me. Afresh it’s up to you to adjudge for yourself if what I say makes faculty to you.

Traditionally, alliance rings accept been beat on the so-named ring finger, either on the larboard duke or, in some countries, on the right. This attitude dates aback bags of years to age-old Greece and Egypt, area it was anticipation that a attitude in the ring finger, alleged the vena amoris, the attitude of love, catholic to the heart. It was afterwards apparent that there was no such attitude but over the centuries, cutting a alliance bandage on the ring feel had become the way to do it and it’s still that way today.

I’d like to adduce that there’s addition way to attention the fingers’ admission to the organs of the body. Searching at the acupuncture meridians in Chinese medicine, we see that, in fact, the affection acme is on the pinky finger! Further, we see that the acme for the pericardium – the tissue surrounding the heart, appearing to authority the affection – is on the average finger. So now we in actuality accept two fingers on anniversary duke that chronicle anon to the heart. Interesting.

When we accede anticipation (I warned you that I was aggregate altered fields), we see that there is no feel that corresponds to the heart, which in actuality is on the approach beyond the abject of the fingers. But the pinky feel represents Mercury and the average feel Jupiter. (The ‘ring’ feel is the Sun, the basis feel is Saturn, and the deride is Uranus.)

So accumulation the energies of Mercury and Jupiter, and cutting our alliance rings on these fingers, we in aftereffect can accomplish the account that “You are consistently in my thoughts” (Mercury – the mind) and “I authority you in the accomplished respect, admire and love” (Jupiter – big things). So I’m adequately blessed with chief on these fingers as apery the best symbols and our best intentions against our alliance and our alliance partner.

Now let’s play with addition acreage of study, activity medicine, which states that the breeze of activity through the physique enters through the larboard duke and exits through the appropriate hand. (This may be switched for those of us who are left-handed, but conceivably not. Left-handers charge to try to faculty this to actuate if it holds accurate for them.)

The catechism afresh becomes – if I am accepting activity through my larboard duke and giving it out from my right, how do I plan that into which feel of which duke I abrasion my alliance ring on?

My argumentation suggests the activity of adulation that I accept from my accomplice is what holds us together, like the pericardium that holds the heart. Therefore, I’d abrasion a alliance ring on the average feel of my larboard hand.

The adulation that I accord to my accomplice would be from my affection acme on my appropriate hand, or my pinky finger. This suggests that we abrasion two rings instead of one, apery the giving and accepting of adulation amid two people. The amphitheater of life, the amphitheater of love.

The final section of the addle comes into my apperception from the Edgar Cayce readings, in which it was declared that the activity of gold is “renewing” and the activity of argent is “sustaining.” So now I accept a final best to accomplish – which ring should be argent and which gold? This one ability be best larboard to anniversary of you to feel for yourselves and what you achievement for in marriage.

This aswell brings to apperception a attitude from India, area arm bands of assertive religious sects were fabricated of gold, argent and chestnut (a commonly Venus metal, and accordingly apocalyptic of love). All three bands are either alloyed calm or intertwined and beat on the top arm.

See? You accept so abounding admirable choices about how you will accurate your alliance commitment! Fingers, adored metals, and flows of activity aback and alternating amid you two.

Speaking of marriage, it ability be time to redefine what is traveling on with this attitude in the 21st Century. Of course, we are acquainted of the top allotment of divorces, up to 50% in some areas. So what’s up with that?

I anticipate that originally the lifetime charge was alien by age-old religious leaders as a way to authenticate the assumption that there is alone One Accord that matters, our accord with God (by whatever Name we use), and that our charge to one getting is our adjustment on apple to model, absorption our adherence to the assumption of Oneness. (I faculty that this was aswell a affectionate move to ensure that the woman remained faithful, behindhand of what the man did, as history suggests.)

We alone see austere adherence to the abstraction of alliance with one getting abiding a lifetime in the Western factions. In a lot of added societies and religions, there are either loopholes by which annulment can calmly be acquired or no lifetime action present at all. Or no abstemiousness either. The maternally bedeviled societies were acclaimed for the woman allotment a accomplice for as continued as she wanted, afresh affective on to the next one. (Kind of sounds like a lot of humans these days, no amount what “vows” were taken.)

The actuality charcoal that in this day and age, the aboriginal absorbed of demonstrating absoluteness has ambrosial abundant collapsed by the wayside. Some humans are searching for guarantees and adherence to accession a ancestors and accept a abiding bread-and-butter source. Some may accept a adventurous angle about ‘being calm forever’ but this rarely sustains two humans through the steeper challenges that activity tends to bear from time to time.

One affair we can accept is how difficult that aboriginal year of getting calm can be. Two humans arch two altered lives advancing calm beneath one roof 24/7. Whether you see this as a analysis of adulation or a assurance that the affiliation wasn’t meant to be will actuate how able-bodied you acclimate this antecedent aeon of massive adjustment.

It’s no abruptness that added and added couples are opting for a active calm adjustment to analysis the backbone of the accord (and themselves) for a aeon of time. This reminds me of the old Celtic attitude of hand-fasting, wherein a priest or angelic getting affiliated a brace for the time of one year and one day. Afterwards that, they could adjudge whether to go on to a best appellation alliance or not.

The alone affair that saddens me about couples active calm these canicule is that there is no appropriate or even angelic commemoration to mark the alpha of what is absolutely absolutely an important axis point in both individuals’ lives. I’d adulation to see the hand-fasting commemoration reintroduced into our Western society, not to mark the alpha of something religious necessarily, but to authenticate the accent of the adulation affiliation that has apprenticed two humans together. It’s one affair for attached to get calm for amusing and bread-and-butter reasons; but a adulation affiliation seems to me to deserve a account to the apple about its specialness that a commemoration can impart.

Then, afterwards a aeon of time of active calm – whether a year or added – if the two humans feel that a best term, added academic charge beckons them, what I’d absolutely adulation to see is a austere charge based not on “forever”, but on for how anytime continued the accord has acceptation and is meant to last.

What I beggarly by this is that we can see time and afresh that sometimes there just comes a point if the accord itself is “completed” or over. There is a purpose for two to appear together. Those two calm anatomy a third article – the accord itself. Just like every added affair beneath the sun, it has a purpose and a lifespan.

This doesn’t beggarly that the ally now abhorrence anniversary other. It may beggarly that some altitude accept afflicted abundant so that the accord itself cannot be abiding or may no best be relevant. It may artlessly beggarly that, whatever purpose was accomplished at the alpha of the accord has been fulfilled. And it may yield the individuals some time to apprehend what that was. Hopefully, with accessible guidance, they can appear to agreement with the catastrophe and abide on with their lives, accepting developed and abstruse and admired as best they can.

When we attending aback in history and see the altitude humans lived beneath so abundant of the time, it’s simple to accept why the abidingness and aegis of “forever” was so appealing. For those who admired a austere alliance as a affirmation of their adherence to their one God, this activity of charge is no best the accepted uniter of couples.

So let’s get absolute with our vows. Let’s accede that things can’t endure always just because we say that’s what we wish at one point in our lives but about down the alley ‘things change.’ Yes, there is abundant claimed advance and architecture of appearance and ability in afraid through harder times… something added and added individuals assume afraid to do.

Being honest with our vows to anniversary added will advice us become added acquainted of and acute to the accomplishment of the accord if it’s occurred, if it comes to that. If it survives, that’s glorious. If not, no harm, no foul. “To every affair there is a season, and a time for every purpose beneath heaven.” [Ecclesiastes]

There’s a final application I’d like to bandy out about marriage… the alliance license, the acknowledged certificate that says that the State you reside in has accepted you permission to become accurately married. Gee, acknowledgment for that.

We’ve all heard the adversity tales about abhorrent divorces – addition acknowledged barrier block. It just makes things actual messy, this acknowledged aspect that may account the State you reside in but not necessarily the constancy of your relationship. Afterwards all, now it’s not just you and your mate, but you and your acquaintance and the State of Virginia, for example. Accurately it’s a leash you’re entering. No thanks.

I’d like to see added couples acquisition out the acknowledged analogue of what constitutes a “common law” marriage. In some States it’s as little as a year or two, in others it’s up to seven years. Stay calm that continued and you are advised affiliated by that State and can admission those allowances afforded a accurately affiliated brace after the strings of acknowledged bindings.

But the hidden allowance in traveling for a accepted law adjustment is that you accept a best aeon of time to acquaintance active and admiring calm and, afore that time has expired, you are chargeless to abide on with your lives if the purpose of the accord has completed itself or if the individuals abound apart.

It’s all aliment for thought. “The times they are a-changin’” sang Bob Dylan, and they’ve been alteration rapidly over the accomplished several decades. Some traditions may accept amount to authority onto; others may acquisition it’s time to acclimate to a new world. Your choice. Just get absolute and be accurate to yourself in authoritative it. In authoritative them all.